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Hello. My name is Dr. Arthur Antebury, and I have been given the opportunity, by the host of this website, to discuss certain theories that are not well received in most academic circles. . There exists, in the fossil record and in the myths of all of the ancient peoples of the world,  many stories that beg for examination by learned and open minded individuals.

Many stories from the ancient times suggest the presence of animals we no longer find in evidence. This includes Bigfoot, Sasquatch, the “abominable snowman” and the Chupacabra. Witnesses are often dismissed as suffering from alcohol poisoning, fevers of the mind, or deficiencies of the intellect and almost never taken seriously by investigators. The number of sightings is in the thousands each year. This preponderance of evidence suggests that something strange is out there, something people can’t recognize, and it sometimes interacts with people (to a limited extent). I am pursuing my career in the highlands and deserts of North, Central, and South America in a non-traditional manner, working with archaeologists and paleontologists to discover and document new evidence.

Ahuitzotl Description from Nahuatl Sources

It’s well known to those who study ancient Central America that many water demons populated the land and the spiritual life of pre-Spanish war native life. In my first article here, I will discuss the most likely subject of them all, Ahuitzotl or Auitzol, a dog-like creature with spines on its back, gifted with a fifth hand attached to a tentacle-like appendage that sprouts from their body where a tail would sprout from a dog.

As it was described by ancient text found in a recent dig at Chupalobra:

It is the dog-bear with hand, a strange dog, large, pointed ears. Black like rubber. Long tailed it is. It’s long tail has a hand at the end. It is like a human hand. Like a raccoon’s paws. Like a monkey’s paws. It cavorts in watery chasms and dark pools. Anyone who nears it and dares to use the water it grabs. Into the water they go! It takes them home. It caresses them. Keeps them in the dark depths until the fingernails fall off. When the body is slimy it will tire and toss them off, after eating the eyes and teeth. Relatives find the body as if is is rubbery and with broken bones.

I have pieced this rather long pieced of text together from three different but similar sources. All of them came from a temple either dedicated to Ahuitzol or that used prominent images of the water demon Ahuitzol to perform a sort of guard duty on the temple. The similarity of texts is striking, as are the depictions of the beast. These images portray the Ahuitzol-Chupacabra creature as a fierce guard dog of a sorts. Where they under control of a priesthood, trainers of some kind (like you would see in a present day circus, for instance), guarded by armed and armored men, or allowed to roam free? It is the latter possibility that I find so intriguing.

Just a demon of ancient lore, or does that sounds like a chilling description of a victim? People who live in the South, please watch your papers for mysteriously disfigured drowning victims.